Icon representing Spectrify's wide spectrum support for UV/VIS, NIR, FTIR, Raman, and more

Wide Spectrum Support

Easily work with 7+ spectral types including UV/VIS, NIR, FTIR and Raman (LIBS, XRF, and fluorescence coming soon).
Icon depicting Spectrify's powerful processing toolkit with baseline correction, smoothing, and standardization

Powerful Processing Toolkit

Quickly process spectra with built-in tools for baseline correction, smoothing, standardization and more.
Icon illustrating Spectrify's secure local data storage, keeping spectra and workspaces on the user's machine

Secure Local Data Storage

All your spectra and workspaces stay on your machine only, no information is collected by us.
Icon symbolizing Spectrify's advanced machine learning capabilities, including PCR, SVR, Random Forest, and PLSR

Advanced Machine Learning Insights

Gain deeper insights from your data with PCR, SVR, Random Forest, PLSR and more.
Icon portraying Spectrify's intuitive workspace management for organizing spectra across multiple user-controlled workspaces

Intuitive Workspace Management

Easily organize your spectra across multiple workspaces that you control.

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